Whitepaper: The Solution to Coating DLC on Chalcogenides

Coating DLC on Chalcogenides

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When it comes to infrared optics, chalcogenides offer many advantages that legacy materials such as silicon, germanium, and zinc selenide simply cannot match. However, given their susceptibility to scratches and other surface-layer defects, chalcogenides demand an extremely durable, protective coating so the optic can withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Put simply, only a virtually indestructible diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating will do. And herein lies a key challenge; coating chalcogenides with DLC has been notoriously challenging and plagued by adhesion problems and coating defects. Until now.

Download this whitepaper to learn how EMF solved these issues and now delivers long-lasting DLC coatings on chalcogenides with virtually no defects.

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