Webinar: Overcoming DLC Coating Challenges on Chalcogenides

Overcoming DLC Coating Challenges on Chalcogenides

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Over the past decade, chalcogenide glass substrates have become a preferred choice for IR optics. They offer many advantages that legacy materials such as germanium, silicon, and others simply cannot match. Because chalcogenide glasses are softer and prone to scratches, a protective layer is critical. A diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating is ideal for its extreme durability to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. However, coating chalcogenides with DLC is a notoriously challenging endeavor plagued by adhesion problems and coating defects.

In this webinar,  IR expert Ray Pini compares chalcogenides’ properties to more traditional substrates to understand their growing popularity and delves into the adhesion challenges they present throughout the coating process. He shares how EMF has successfully produced dependable, long-lasting DLC coatings on chalcogenides at scale, along with top tips to ensure your coating partner has the capabilities and capacity to deliver the precision coating solutions you need.

Have questions about DLC on chalcogenides or other substrates…or other coatings? Our team is standing by.  Please contact EMF at websales@emf-corp.com or +1-800-456-7070.

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