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Glass test slides coated with copper and used for ASTM and IPC corrosion and flux testing. These copper test slides are referenced in ASTM D2671 and IPC-TM-650.

EMF provides a full line of standard metal slides, from Gold to Copper, Silver to Aluminum and our 75 years of experience ensures our slides will provide the performance you require.

From university research to industrial testing, whether you’re an electronics fabricator or a medical technician, EMF has been supplying high performance slides to existing and emerging markets for decades.

Test Slides

Bare Ag at 1000 Å. Silver slides increase the sensitivity of DNA microarrays.  Packaged in Nitrogen purged tubes

EMF gold test slides are suitable for a wide variety of analytical and biological test applications. Our glass test slides are coated with a binder layer of chrome or titanium, based on customer preference, followed by a deposition of bare gold with no protective overcoat

Glass test slides coated with bare aluminum, used for analytical applications and provides negligible signal background. Aluminum coated microscope test slides are often selected as a means of providing excellent support as they're proven to be sturdy when heated.

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