Optical Gold Coating for US Defense Contractor

When a US defense contractor was having difficulty with an optical gold coating for a mission critical part, they approached EMF. They had been working with an EMF competitor who was unable to meet their strict requirements and specifications. The defense contractor was in urgent need of an optical coating company that could design and develop an ideal optical gold coating quickly and with quality that would typically an optical coater months to achieve over multiple iterations.

Integrated Optical Coating Design and Manufacturing

Gold Mirror Coating
Gold Coated Mirrors

With optical development and manufacturing operations in the same location and access to 26 vacuum coating chambers – both small and large – gives EMF the industry-unique ability to test new coating chemistry and processes on production-level coating chambers quickly and at scale.

Since EMF’s optical development and manufacturing operations are housed in the same location, their development team has the unique ability to test new coating chemistry and processes on production-level coating chambers. This ensures a seamless transition from development formulations and processes to final production products. The chamber is the constant. Because of this unique integration, EMF was able to adjust the process and formulation of the gold coating to match the exact specifications as laid down during the development prototypes.

With 26 vacuum coating chambers and a coating capacity of 40 million square inches EMF was able to immediately scale up production, which shortened the turnaround time by weeks.

Because of EMF’s expertise and responsiveness, the defense contractor was able to meet their own demanding production schedule, despite major delays caused by the previous coating company.

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