800,000+ Cold Mirrors for Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming the norm in the automotive industry. One type of ADAS is the Head-Up Display or HUD, which uses a series of projectors, cold mirrors and beamsplitters to project data onto the car’s windshield.

In a typical HUD, cold mirrors are used as the concave mirror. Cold mirrors reflect visible light and allow the transmission of infrared radiation. These mirrors reduce the temperature load from the light source by heat-light separation, and important consideration when the light source is in close proximity to the mirror.

EMF Cold Mirror for Head-Up Display
800,000+ cold mirrors supplied with ZERO field failures

A global OEM automotive components manufacturer had relied on native suppliers for many of the technical components – including the cold mirror – while maintaining assembly operations in the US. To simplify the supply chain, they wanted to identify a USA-based manufacturer of cold mirrors who would supply them cold mirrors in large volumes while maintaining the incredibly demanding quality requirements.

With 26 vacuum coating chambers and 40 million square inches of coating capacity, EMF developed a new coating technology designed to meet the rigorous specifications of the automotive components manufacturer. EMF’s cold mirrors met all quality requirements which won them a large piece of their business supplying cold mirrors for Head-Up Displays.

To date, EMF has supplied the auto components manufacturer more than 800,000 cold mirrors for Head-Up Displays (HUDs) across several platforms without a single reported incident of a field failure. 

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