EMF Corporation utilizes 96" diameter physical vapor deposition (PVD) chambers to produce solar simulation optical filters. The quality and consistency of the optical filter is the critical component to achieve a "Class A" solar simulator as defined by ASTM E927-05 & IEC 60904-9.

The filter transforms the emitted light from what is most likely a Xenon light source into "sunlight". The AM1.5 Global standard for "sunlight" is defined by the total percentage of solar energy in each of six segments across the spectrum from 400 to 1100 nanometers. The sum of these percentages adds to 100%. The rating of the solar simulator is defined as to how closely the simulator mimics the AM1.5 standard.

Custom Design

EMF engineers are experienced in designing custom filters to support achieving a "Class A" solar simulator system. Customization is most likely needed because each solar simulation system is unique and usually requires a unique filter design to achieve a "Class A" rating.

EMF Corporations Advantage

EMF's manufacturing process yields a superior filter in terms of size, tolerance, cost, and price.

  • Filter Size: EMF manufactures filters up to 35" in diameter or 24" square.
  • Price: EMF offers customers very competitive pricing, and aggressive proposals for volume opportunities
  • Cost: EMF chambers run between 30-35 square feet per production cycle resulting in an extremely low unit manufacturing cost
  • Capacity: EMF has the existing capacity to manufacture 500,000+ square feet of flat filters per year
  • Tolerance: EMF can hold + 5nm across the diameter of those sizes

How to Get Started with EMF Corporation
EMF can provide samples of existing solar simulation filters for testing in a solar simulation system. This can provide insight for the filter design needed to achieve "Class A" status. The customer can also provide an optical spectral curve defining the desired light transmission from the filter based on the specifics of the light source used in the system. To provide accurate price estimates, specifications need to be provided (EMF can also provide specifications based on current practice).

Solar Simulation Filters

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