Optivex™ UV Blocking Filter 

Optivex™ UV Blocking Filter 

Optivex™ UV Blocking Filters

The Optivex™ UV blocking filter combines excellent optical characteristics, color balance, & rugged durability and is used by museums, galleries, art collectors around the globe to protect rare and expensive art from harmful UV light.  Commonly sold in sheets (12″ x 30″ or 10″ x 30″), Optivex can be applied directly to lenses or other shaped substrates.

Why Optivex?

Ultraviolet radiation surrounds us all of the time. Far from being harmless, persistent UV exposure can degrade and damage priceless paintings, expensive fabrics, and rare historical documents. EMF’s Optivex™ dichroic filters block 99% of harmful UV radiation while transmitting high-quality visible light with virtually no distortion.

Optivex UV Blocking Filter Transmission Characteristics
Optivex UV Blocking Filter Transmission Characteristics

Optivex™ has been the product of choice for over 25 years, and its name is synonymous with absolute protection.

Optivex Dichroic Filter Features

  • Blocks 99% of UV radiation
  • Typically applied to borosilicate glass for heat resistant applications
  • Heat stable for color consistency and performance stability
  • Non-heat absorbing to protect filter life
  • Longer life than plastic or gel
  • Sharp filter cutoff for virtually no color distortion in the visible light region
  • Large format, up to 35″ diameter

Applications of UV Blocking Filters

  • Fine art and natural history museums
  • Commercial art galleries
  • Private collections
  • Antiquarian collections
  • Retail

*Optivex is a trademark of EMF Corporation.