Dichroic Filters

Dichroic Filters

EMF DichroFilmTM Dichroic Filters

Dichroic color filters transmit colors of distinct spectral characteristics for entertainment, display, architectural purposes, color scrollers, decorative art (murals) and theatrical lighting.

Unlike gels and polymers that absorb unwanted wavelengths, EMF’s DichroFilm filters reflect the unwanted wavelengths while transmitting the desired wavelength color, therefore, providing a specific color more efficiently than gels or colored glass.

Features of DichroFilm Optical Filters

  • Infinite range across CTO and CTB gels (see Color Correction Filters)
  • Tight tolerance (±5nm at 50% standard color filter graph transmission)
  • Available on smooth or textured glass and flexible or rigid plastic substrates
  • Available on large formats – up to 35″ diameter

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