Riofoto™ Dental Mirrors

Riofoto™ Dental Mirrors

Riofoto Dental Mirrors

Riofoto dental mirrors for intra-oral photography are trusted by dentists, dental assistants and orthodontists around the world. They provide clear, sharp images of various regions of the mouth when used with either 35mm or digital cameras. Riofoto mirrors are coated with Rhodium for the highest reflectance and are available in 8 standard shapes – including buccal, lingual and occlusal – for adult and pediatric patients. Order custom Riofoto dental mirrors.

Coated with Highly Reflective Rhodium

Riofoto mirrors are coated on both sides with Rhodium which has 20% better reflectivity (at 73%) than chromium (63%) or stainless steel (64%). They allow you to capture the best image with true color contrast each time, every time.

Easy to Maneuver

With a twist of the wrist, you can go from taking a palatal (roof of the mouth) shot to a buccal (cheek) shot. This drastically reduces the time it takes to capture an image, increases efficiency and lowers your cost.

Eight Standard & Custom Shapes

Patient comfort is paramount, and the best way to achieve that is by using Riofoto dental mirrors that are the appropriate thickness, have rounded edges, and come in a variety of standard (buccal, lingual and occlusal) and custom shapes and sizes.

Stand Up to Repeated Autoclaving

Rhodium is an element inert against corrosion and aggressive chemicals. As a result, Riofoto dental mirrors don’t scratch as easily as chromium-coated and stainless steel dental mirrors. They are coated on both sides and can withstand repeated autoclaving for extended life.

Riofoto vs Stainless Steel vs Chromium

Dental Photography Mirrors Comparison Chart

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