Cold Mirrors

Cold Mirrors for HUDs (Head-Up Displays)

EMF’s high transmission cold mirrors are an excellent choice for preventing undesirable ultraviolet and visible light from damaging or altering the spectral characteristics. They reflect visible light while allowing infrared light to transmit. EMF offers two designs for use at either 0° or 45° AoI (Angle of Incidence.) These may also satisfy your requirements of a dichroic beamsplitter.

These specialized dielectric mirrors are produced using borosilicate or float glass as the substrate. Please contact EMF if you require different substrate materials for extremely high-temperature applications, or need them in a custom shapes and sizes.

Properties of Cold Mirrors

  • Reflect the visible light
  • Transmit the infrared light
  • Optimized to remove undesirable UV and visible illumination
  • Available for 0° or 45° angle of incidence
  • High reflected to transmitted light performance

EMF has supplied 800,000 cold mirrors to a global automotive components manufacturer for Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

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Cold Mirror - Environmental Testing Results

Cold mirror reflectance at 35 degrees.
Reflectivity @ 35°