Silver Test Slides

Silver Test Slides

Silver Metal Coated Test Slides

EMF’s silver microscope test slides feature bare silver at 1000Å. They offer increased sensitivity in DNA microarrays. Silver test slides come packaged in nitrogen purged tubes.

Due to oxidation, all silver test slides are custom made to order. We do not stock standard sizes like with our gold, copper and aluminum test slides. Please contact us to order custom silver microscope test slides.

  • Coating: Bare Silver (Ag) at 1000 Å
  • Packaging: Nitrogen purged or vacuum packed
  • Sizes: From 10mm to 6″
  • Coating: SiO2 protective coating, up to 4000Å
  • Substrates: Float glass, Quartz, Polycarbonate, Fused Silica

Why choose EMF test slides?

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