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Metal Coated Microscope Test Slides

EMF manufactures a full line of Gold (Au), Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag) and Aluminum (Al) microscope metal coated test slides. EMF’s high-performance microscope slides are used in biological and clinical research, chemical analysis, analytical chemistry, electronics fabrication, healthcare and medicine, industrial testing, and academic research in schools and universities. As a pioneer in thin-film coating technology EMF’s 85 years of experience guarantees performance and ensures that they stand up to your exacting requirements and standards.

  • Polished, cleaned, and inspected individually
  • Substrates are pre-cleaned in a vacuum using an ion glow
  • Titanium adhesion layer available for gold films instead of chromium avoiding diffusion of chromium into the gold

  • Gold: Coated 50Å binder layer of either Cr or Ti, and 1000Å of Au
  • Copper: Cu ~500Å 10% Transmission Slides conform to ASTM D2671/IPC-TM-650 specifications
  • Aluminum: Bare Al at 1000 Å
  • Silver: Bare Ag at 1000 Å

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