Plate Beamsplitters

Plate Beamsplitters

Plate Beamsplitter with AR Coating

EMF’s broadband linear plate beamsplitters are a type of beamsplitter used in many life sciences, imaging, or laser applications, as well as in the entertainment and design industry.  The coating is nearly wavelength independent across the visible spectrum. Therefore, both beams propagating from the beamsplitter are virtually neutral in color. Since there is very little light loss due to absorption, the sum of the reflected and transmitted beam intensity nearly equals that of the incident beam.

EMF’s plate beamsplitters are typically designed for a 45° angle of incidence (AOI), and when positioned at a 45° AOI a portion of the light striking the plate beamsplitter is transmitted, while another portion is reflected – therefore it is possible to produce beams of equal or varying intensity.

They are available with the second surface coated with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating to enhance its overall efficiency and to prevent unwanted ghost reflections.

Product SKUs

  • Plate Beamsplitter, 50R/50T, 75 x 75mm x 1mm thick, AR on Side 2


    Thickness (mm)

    Reflecting Transmitting Ratio


    Coating Specification

    Surface 1: Dielectric, ±5% R/T @ 550nm Surface 2: AR ¼λ MgF2 @ 550nm

    Wavelength Range


    Angle of Incidence



    Float Glass

    Size (mm)

    75.0 x 75.0

    Size Tolerance


    Thickness (mm)

    1.0 mm nominal



    Surface Quality


    Surface Flatness

    4 – 6λ

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