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Durability performance:
The coating meets the durability requirements of MIL-C-675-C. The coating has been evaluated for and meets 4.5.10, Severe Abrasion (eraser rub), 4.5.12 & Adhesion (fast tape pull). Following the indicated eraser rub test, the DI water contact angle decreases by 10°. [On plastic substrates the coating meets 4.5.11, Moderate Abrasion (cheese cloth rub instead of eraser rub.]

Reflectance performance:
< 0.5% R(AVG) & < 1.0% R(ABS) at 8° AOI, 450-650nm 

Sizes range from up to 36" diameters or 12" x 30" plates or small pieces on EMF or customer supplied substrates. 

Hydrophobic Properties:

Typical performance is measured to be 109-112° contact angle when evaluated using DI water

Oleophobic Properties:

Typical performance is measured to be 63-67° contact angle when evaluated using hexadecane solution

EMF Corporation's oleophobic & hydrophobic broadband anti-reflective coating was developed to offer an optical quality, high volume and large format PVD coating option to the display market. EMF's oleophobic & hydrophobic coating may also be applied to other coatings as requested.

Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Broadband AR Coatings

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