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Large Area Coatings

EMF's Large Optics Coatings Business Unit is organized to handle large optical coatings and special substrate applications that require intensive engineering and careful program management.  Our Large Optics group has over 60 years of combined optics handling experience and has participated in some of the most exciting optics programs in the history of space exploration.  Our staff is on hand to customize standard offerings or to create custom thin film solutions to meet your large optics needs.

Standard Coating Capabilities

    Mirror Coatings (Protected and Enhanced)

  • Sizes up to 3 meters (120 inches) and 5,000 lbs.

  • Silver - Outstanding reflection for visible and infrared wavelengths
  • Aluminum - Long lasting, durable, good reflection in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions
  • Gold - Excellent reflection in the infrared region

Other Optics and substrates

  • Sizes up to 1.7 meters (69 inches) and 1500 lbs.

High Efficiency/Low Reflectors (HELR) & Multi-layer anti-reflection coatings (MLAR) for reflection less than 1% per surface                
Beamsplitters - Reflection/Transmission +/- 5% for 50/50 and 60/40

High Volume Coatings

EMF has FIFTEEN 96" chambers!  Each of these chambers has 40 square feet of capacity - in other words, we can coat a lot of parts in one run!  With this number of chambers, we can dedicate one or more to your large volume coating needs.  Call us today with your requirements and let us offer you a cost saving quotation.

Large Area & High Volume Coatings coat large optic coating over 1 meter large optical coating coat a large optic emf large optic coating coat a big telescope mirror thin film coating coat lots of parts at once 

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