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specialized dielectric mirror hot mirror coating 

A hot mirror reflects infrared (IR) radiation and transmits visible light. The hot mirror is generally inserted in the path of the light beam, reflecting the infrared back toward the energy source, and transmitting the cooled visible light to the target.

Typical characteristics for a hot mirror include:

  • Over 90% transmission in the visible spectrum
  • Reflect over 90% of Infrared (IR)
  • Can be designed for angles other than normal
  • Can be modified to respond to other light source characteristics


  • Large Format (up to 35" diameter)
  • Low Cost (large volume throughput coaters coupled with low overhead operations)
  • Tight Tolerance (+-5nm at 50% transmission)
  • Glass Substrates
  • Volume Production ( fourteen 96" diameter vacuum PVD chambers and an inline sputtering system)
  • Short Lead Times

Due to the diverse characteristics of different light sources in terms of output energy, no one Hot Mirror design will give optimum performance in all applications. EMF can develop a hot mirror design to your requirements by examining your light source and your desired IR refection.

Hot Mirrors specialized dielectric mirror hot mirror coating

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