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Fifteen 96" PVD Chambers

Plus 3 additional Up - Coaters and 9 Cross-Coaters

EMF Corporation utilizes FIFTEEN 96" diameter physical vapor deposition (PVD) chambers. EMF chambers run between 35-40 square feet per production cycle resulting in an extremely low unit manufacturing cost.  EMF also utilizes an additional 3 Up - Coaters and 9 Cross-Coaters

Process & Metrology Equipment emf process and metrology equipment Lambda 950 Lambda 900 PE 983 IR Spectrophotometer Goniometer Profilometer

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In order to assure that our coatings meet our customer’s requirements, EMF employs a wide range of measurement and evaluative instrumentation. Shown here is our consolidated metrology List:

     Spectral Characteristics Analysis:
      PE Lambda 950 Spectrophotometer with a  URA attachment
      PE Lambda 900 Spectrophotometer with a  URA attachment.
      PE 983 IR Spectrophotometer
      5 Ocean Optics Spectrometers

     Surface Characteristics Analysis:
      Ramé-Hart, Inc. 100-00-115 Goniometer
      Tencor Instruments Alpha Step-200 Profilometer
      Dektak Stylus Profilometer
      Tencor Dual Wavelength SLX 2320 Thin Film Stress Measurement System

    Environmental Characteristics Analysis
     Tenney VersaTenn III Environmental Chamber
     Blue M Full Range Constant Humidity Cabinet
     2 Associated Environmental Systems Salt Fog/Spray chambers