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When the color of projected light is important, filters can be designed to correct the color temperature. This is either done with a flat filter placed in front of the light source (managing what wavelengths are transmitted) or a filter deposited on the surface of a reflector (managing what wavelengths are reflected).

Typical lighting applications include display, photographic, theatrical, and medical. The design of a color correction filter depends on the light source being corrected. Color correction filters/reflectors are highly customized to achieve the desired performance.


  • Low Cost (large volume throughput coaters coupled with low overhead operations)
  • Tight Tolerance (+-5nm at 50% transmission)
  • Flat Glass or Plastic Substrates; Glass, metal or plastic reflectors
  • Volume Production ( fourteen 96" diameter vacuum PVD chambers and an inline sputtering system)
  • Short Lead Times
  • Large diameter reflectors up to 36" or large format flat glass
  • Uniform distribution across large deep dish substrates
  • Extremely durable coatings tested to 650° C

Color Temperature Correction Filters

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