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A cold mirror is designed to reflect  visible light and transmit infrared radiation/energy (heat). As a result the visible light is fully available for the lighting application while reducing up to 90% of the reflected heat.  Cold mirrors are frequently applied to reflectors that are located close to the source.

Typical characteristics of a cold mirror include:

  • Over 90% reflectance in visible light
  • Minimum 83% transmission beyond 800 nanometer


  • Large diameter reflectors up to 36" or large format flat glass
  • Large volume reflector throughput (>3,000 MR11s per production run) resulting in
  • low unit cost
  • Uniform distribution across large deep dish substrates
  • Significant manufacturing capacity (fourteen 96" diameter PVD coaters)
  • Extremely durable coatings tested to 650° C

Cold Mirrors are a very efficient way to reduce ambient heat optically, and are a very effective mirror to the visible spectrum.

EMF can apply these films to your reflector or can locate and source a reflector to your requirements.


  • General
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Medical
  • Studio
  • Stadium
  • Projection Lighting

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