Omega Optical Holdings Poised for Network Deployment

March 21, 2023

lasercom optics

With the growing shift to low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellite communications via free space optical networks, which offer increased bandwidth and security, the Omega Optical Holdings (OOH) divisions of Omega Filters, Spectral Systems, Optometrics, and EMF are ready to support these efforts. The mission of OOH is to help our customers get the right photons to the right place at the right time.

Affordable and high-performance optical systems for laser communications (Lasercom) require components with exceptional mechanical and optical stability to withstand thermal gradients, high radiation, and demanding performance requirements between satellites at very long distances.

Solutions in support of Lasercom include high-stability mirrors for fast-steering actuators, athermal beam expanders and reducers, dichroic beamsplitters, ultranarrow SWIR bandpass filters, and solar rejection window coatings. Each of these solutions can be tailored to meet the demanding needs of our customers. 

The vision to create a business platform that can support mission-critical applications such as Lasercom was conceived by OOH’s investors and Michael J. Cumbo, Ph.D., OOH’s President & CEO. Low earth orbit Lasercom is the next frontier for optical solutions to help advance the flow of information across the globe, much like Telecom did with fiber-based communication in the late ‘90s.“Omega Optical Holdings is focused on serving our customers with a portfolio of complementary thin-film coating-enabled optical  products, which together enhance the performance of their Lasercom systems. The ability to provide rapid customization and broad production scaling capabilities has created a unique collaborative environment that our customers really appreciate,” stated Cumbo.

Omega Filters:  The first company to design and coat fluorescence filters, OOH’s namesake division continues to deliver custom filters and subassemblies to some of the largest OEMs in the world.

Spectral Systems:  Designing and creating custom IR optics and subassemblies, Spectral Systems develops products for FTIR instruments, military IR windows, night vision lenses, and flat aerospace optics.

Optometrics:  Efficiency replicated. Design and manufacture of exceptional volumes of ruled and holographic diffraction gratings, reflection and transmission from the VUV to LWIR.

EMF:  OOH’s Large Optics division coats high volumes on large-format glass, metals, ceramics, plastic, and IR substrates. Get the EMF Edge.

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