Evaporated Metal Films Is Now Officially “EMF”

September 13, 2022

“We are very proud to say that while our company was originally founded in 1936, today’s EMF is not your grandparent’s Evaporated Metal Films. Today’s EMF has expanded significantly beyond metal films and we feel that now is the right time to update the brand to reflect our current and future endeavors,” stated Justin Turner, Omega Optical Holdings, CMO. “Customers return to EMF not just for scheduling control, reproducible outcomes, and optimal part acceptance rates, but because we also handle uncommonly large optic sizes and particularly high part volumes in addition to medium and small coating runs.”

“People have slept on EMF for quite some time. It is now time for the industry to wake up and take notice of our capabilities and performance,” stated Mike Ransford, Omega Optical Holdings, EVP & COO.

Along with best-in-class metal optical coatings, we also offer dielectric coatings from deep UV to Long Wave IR wavelengths and diamond-like coatings (DLC).  With a tight and fast turnaround, the EMF group is poised to refresh and move forward in 2022. Our unique capacity for oversized (up to 9 ft) mirrors or ultra-capacity with 500-1K parts per run makes EMF the best American source for competitive pricing and turnaround time. Today’s EMF offers an innovative portfolio of precision custom and high-volume coatings for various industries, including automotive, defense, consumer electronics, dentistry, astronomy, utilities, lighting, and entertainment. Coatings are applied to glass, metals, ceramics, plastics, and IR optics materials, including germanium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, and chalcogenides.

Twenty-six vacuum coating chambers offering 40 million square inches of coating capacity enable high volume production and large format optics up to 108″ in diameter.

The EMF EDGE – A Passionate Commitment to Customers

  • 99% on-time delivery and product quality
  • Industry-leading technical and applications engineering support
  • Available 24-hr turnaround

As part of the Omega Optical Holdings family, EMF also lends its superb support to time-sensitive coatings for Spectral Systems, Omega Filters, and Optometrics.

EMF is focused on what you need for tomorrow’s Mil/Aero, Life Science, Semiconductor, and Industrial applications. Let us show you why we’ve continued to succeed for over 85 years.

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